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Ingredients : 150g MOGRILLS ULUNDU FLOUR, water, salt and Bicarbonate of Soda, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 2 dried chillies, 5 red onions and curry leaves, butter or ghee for tempering.

Method : Mix MOGRILLS Ulundu Flour adding cold water,salt and Bicarbonate of Soda to make a thin pan cake batter. Allow to ferment for 30 mins. Roast on platter as shown. With the same batter Onion Thosai, Masala Thosai, Egg Thosai could be made. Serve with Sambar.


Ingredients : 1 cup toover dhal, 4 cups water, saffron,Ghee, (fry and grind together  6 dry chillies,1 tsp coriander,pepper corns, ½ tsp cumin seeds,½ tsp dill seeds ) 1tsp tamarind soak in ½ cup water,Ghee, dry chillies, red onions, coriander leaves, mustard,asafotidea, curry leaves, boiled vegetables (optional).

Method : Boil dhal with salt and saffron, remove from heat.Mash dhal well. Add tamarind Juice.Heat ghee, temper onion,dry chillies, coriander leaves the grinded masala  Pour dhal mixture and cook. Separately temper mustard, curry leaves,asafotedia,add boiled vegetables.add to  dhal mixture cook for 5 mins and take off heat.

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